About us – YBC-VOIP

Company YBC Group provides innovative solutions in the field of telecommunications, a wide range of products for business clients

Company Products

Hosted PBX

In terms of its functionality, it exceeds the PBX by several times, makes it possible to automate your business, consolidation of your offices regardless of their location, additional functions such as IVR, call forwarding to the right employee, recording calls, call back, add prestige to your company and increase the level customer service.

Multi-line number

This service will save you from physical connection to a wired telephone, provide multi- concurrency of calls to both incoming and outgoing calls, SIP technology will provide the ability to configure this number on any softphone or Internet application, SIP device. Also you get the opportunity to get a number of any country in the world regardless of your location.

Auto Call

The autodialler solution is indispensable for call centers and sales departments that are focused on telemarketing, the service will allow you to easily ring up huge customer bases and find dance customers. Automatic dialing has a two-way operation principle, namely dialing to a client and, in case of a response, connecting to a free operator of the sales department, this function saves the manager’s time and increases the efficiency and speed of processing any client base.

International calls

This service allows you to make calls around the world in bulk, while saving on call costs, the quality of the VOIP service is many times greater than traditional telephone communications, automates bulk calls and integrates with any CRM system for a smooth workflow.

Any payment methods

The YBC Group company is daily engaged in the search and integration of new payment systems in its services, the financial deportation of the company allows flexible cooperation with our company, selects the most advantageous ways of cooperation with the client under individual conditions.

Personal management

The commercial department of the YBC Group company consists of highly qualified employees who are constantly in touch with the client to resolve any administrative issue, the advantage of this decision is that each client has a personal manager in a convenient way for the client to communicate, our clients do not have to contact the company through bureaucratic stages, the company manager is always in touch and ready to advise.


Highly qualified specialists

All support staff are required to participate in continuing education programs throughout the year.

24 hour availability

Phone and chat support included

Standards without critical issues

Unlike other providers, we do not set a threshold for telephone support.

Administrators can call us for help on any matter.

Obsession with satisfaction

We will check your satisfaction after every call. And we will contact you every three months to ask how we can best meet your needs.

No outsourcing

Unlike many providers, each member of the Intermedia support group is a direct employee.

The right technology for faster resolution

Our experts combine mental abilities and mental abilities - such as screen sharing tools, connection tests to assess quality of service issues, and even specialized services that allow us to configure your computer (so you don’t need it).