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International calls

YBC gives you industry-leading quality
votes at one affordable price.

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With us

With the company YBC Group, you get significant savings on international calls, due to the fact that our company is constantly developing and connecting new routes of international importance.

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As You Grow

The YBC Group company offers its customers to pay for communication services as they are used, the absence of fixed tariff plans enables customers not to overpay for services that the client does not consume, paying only for the used service.

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Technical support of the company YBC Group operates 24/7 and provides any kind of support to our customers.

Remotely setting up equipment, resolving communication problems, even financial consultations on payment for services and tariffs, support staff do not ignore and advise clients, or connect the client with the manager online.


Autodial customer bases

Automatic dialing of the customer base will allow your business to quickly and efficiently make calls to your potential or cold customers, launch a voice message on the customer base, and increase the number of quality leads for your managers. This function allows you to automatically make calls to any number of telephone numbers, if you successfully dial up, connect the client with your manager for a constructive conversation.


Operators: 5
Memory: 20 ГБ
or or
99 $

Virtual number

A virtual number will make your company more mobile, the office will not be tied to a specific address. Employees of your company will be able to receive and make calls from this number anywhere in the world. To service calls you need access to the Internet and any SIP- program.

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